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Akif Yüce cf8de73e7c Added unauth w/discord, and better auth 6 months ago
Akif Yüce db61361a95 Major update named as minor!
Forum Setup page,
edit forum config w/api
ban user's all ips,
secretmodel deleted,
/undelete is disabled
and better themes
if user reacted a message, view it
fixs for reactions of messages
discord auth in config.json
6 months ago
Akif Yüce df14d08cc3 Sessions are stored now 6 months ago
Akif Yüce 598e48e25d Added discord auth support 6 months ago
Akif Yüce ae83e014a0 Mongoose is fixed & optimized
The dublicate key error fixed, ids as string.
classes removed. using mongoose's magic
8 months ago