A Node.js based forum software
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A Node.js based forum software.


  • Clone or download this repo.
  • Run npm i to install dependencies.
  • Enter your database credentials in .env.
  • Run npm start for run it.
  • Go /setup page for setup your forum.

Extra (If you are not use setup page)

Run node util/reset to reset the database for duplicate key errors, and run node util/admin for give admin perms to first member. Edit config.json for default theme for users, forum name, meta description, character limits, discord auth enabler, global ratelimit etc.

How to install theme:

  • Copy your theme to src/themes folder. Additional note for themes: If a theme has not got any .ejs file, it will use default theme's .ejs files. default theme is in themes folder, named as common.


"discord_auth": true in config.json. Add your app secret and app id to .env as DISCORD_SECRET and DISCORD_ID. Create a redirect url in discord developer portal: https://forum_url.com/auth/discord


You can configure it. Just edit config.json and .env files. "email_auth": true, "default_user_state": "APPROVAL" in config.json. Add your email credentials to .env as EMAIL_USER and EMAIL_PASS. Add your email domain to .env as EMAIL_SERVICE.


Akf-forum has got an API for AJAX (fetch), other clients etc. And, you can learn about API in APIDOCS.md.

And you can use offical API wrapper.


  • Akif9748 - Project mainteiner, main developer, made old frontend
  • Tokmak - Made new frontend
  • Camroku - Made old stylesheets


Thread Page w/Bootstrap theme


TO-DO list



  • Profile Message or DM
  • Upload other photos, model for it
  • Edit & download template
  • Banner
  • Add @me support for ids, <%= member.id %>
  • Roles & Permissions
role: "moderator",
permissions: ["see_deleted_message"]


  • Admin deleting other admins.
  • theme.js, change theme js code to a file.
  • same email discord???? direct err
  • IMPORTANT: add user/member id to file so scripts can access


  • Rewrite apidocs
  • Add a feature list to README.md



  • change category name
  • Add approval threads page.
  • add support for switch around gravatar and upload photo
  • old contents / titles add to forum interface
  • who liked a message


  • BETTER SETUP PAGE: use setup everytime
  • add threads, messages etc. to "extra" folder
  • add category to thread list page
  • working reset button
  • text alling center body
  • thread.js unfuction only listener
  • show error on modal
  • send delete, ban to user settings (edit user) menu and fix edit user menu

Special Thanks:

https://github.com/akashgiricse/Online-Forum for bootstrap theme.

@Tokmak for old frontend.

https://fengyuanchen.github.io/cropperjs/examples/crop-a-round-image.html for avatar upload panel.

https://github.com/mdbootstrap/bootstrap-profiles for profile page of bootstrap theme.

Major Version History

  • V5: Enchanted Themes
  • V4: Caching
  • V3: New Theme
  • V2: Backend fix, mongoose is fixed. Really big fix.
  • V1: Mongoose added.
  • V0: Birth with quick.db