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API documentation of Akf-forum

Akf-forum has got an API for AJAX, other clients etc.


You need this header for send request to API:

    "authorization": "Basic <base64 encoded username:password>"

But in front end, the API will works with session.

Default Limits:

  • 3 - 25 char for username, password and category name
  • 256 char for user about and desp of category
  • 5 - 128 char for thread titles.
  • 5 - 1024 char for messages.

You can change them in config.json.

How to request?

Request types:


  • GET /api/me to get your account.


  • GET / to reach config file.
  • PUT / to edit config file.


  • GET / fetch all bans.
  • GET /:ip fetch a ban.
  • DELETE /:ip for unban an IP adress.
  • POST /?reason=flood for ban an IP adress.


  • GET / fetch all categories.
  • GET /:id fetch a category
  • PATCH /:id for update a category.
  • DELETE /:id for delete a category.
  • POST / for create a category.


  • GET /:id for fetch message.
  • DELETE /:id for delete message.
  • PATCH /:id for edit message.
  • POST /:id/react/:type for react to a message.
  • POST / for create message.

/api/search use ?limit=&skip= for skip and limit

  • GET /users?q=query find users.
  • GET /threads?q=query&authorID=not_required find threads.
  • GET /messages?q=query&authorID=not_required find messages.


  • GET /:id for fetch thread.
  • DELETE /:id for delete thread.
  • PATCH /:id for edit thread.
  • GET /:id/messages?skip=0&limit=10 for fetch messages in thread.
  • POST / for create thread.


  • GET /:id for fetch user.
  • DELETE /:id for delete user.
  • PATCH /:id for edit user.
  • PUT /:id for add profile photo to user.
  • POST /:id/ban for ban all ips of user.

Example request:

GET /api/messages/0

Example API Output:

    "react": {
        "like": [],
        "dislike": ["0"]
    "_id": "6325c216faa938c4cfc43075",
    "author": {
        "_id": "632e028ca4ba362ebbb75a43",
        "name": "Akif9748",
        "avatar": "/images/avatars/0.jpg",
        "deleted": false,
        "edited": true,
        "about": "# Owner",
        "admin": true,
        "theme": "black",
        "hideLastSeen": false,
        "time": "2022-09-23T19:01:32.610Z",
        "id": "0",
        "__v": 0,
        "discordID": "539506680140922890"
    "threadID": "0",
    "content": "This is a thread opened via API, yes",
    "deleted": false,
    "edited": true,
    "time": "2022-09-17T12:48:22.378Z",
    "id": "0",
    "__v": 4,
    "oldContents": []